How to start a SAM Club at your school

  • Register on the melanoma foundation website under SunSmart America™ resources. This will enable you to access the SunSmart America™ resources and the SAM resources
  • Review the information about the SAM program
  • Talk with your principal or school administrator about starting a SAM club
  • Review & fax your SAM club school membership form to (561) 655-9650 attn: SAM club
  • Designate a sponsoring teacher to oversee student meetings and projects
  • Identify students who would be interested in participating in the SAM club
  • Schedule your first SAM club meeting (during student lunch or after school)
  • Discuss sun safety activities and projects that the students would like to plan to educate their peers about sun safety
  • Discuss a special event for melanoma Monday—the national day of skin cancer awareness (the first Monday in the month of May)
  • Schedule monthly meetings throughout the school year
  • Contact the RDK Melanoma Foundation (561– 655-9655) to request skin cancer educational brochures, sunscreen or any other sun safety items

How to Start a SAM Club at Your School
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