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The Melanoma Foundation is offering community service credit for all students who watch the movie clip below and complete a short questionnaire.

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How many surgeries did Brittany Leitz have?
Under 10
Over 20
Under 5
Over 20
How many people in the US will die from Melanoma this year?
Approximately 1 million
Approximately 100
Approximately 50,000
Approximately 10,000
What are the 3 types of skin cancer?
Melanoma, Thyme Cell Carcinoma, Squid Cell Carcinoma
Squid Cell Carcinoma, Melanin, Basel Cell Carcinoma
Basel Cell Carcinoma, Squamous Cell Carcinoma & Melanoma
Melanin, Thyme Cell Carcinoma, Squamous Cell Carcinoma
What are the ABCD’s of Melanoma?
A-Asymmetry, B-Borders, C-Color, D-Diameter
A-Atypical, B-Borders, C-Cold, D-Diameter
A-Atypical, B-Brown, C-Color, D-Dark
A-Asymmetry, B-Borders, C-Color, D-Dark
Where in the body does Melanoma begin?
In the blood
In the dermis
On top of the skin
In the melanocytes
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